Soft luxurious stoles in finest Pashmina and beautiful Sozini Embroidery

Presenting the finest Dor Dar (embroidery on all four sides) shawls in beautiful hues

Introducing our "Jewels of Joy" collection in 18 carat gold and ethically sourced diamonds and gem stones

Artisans And Their Craft

Presenting our Sozan Kaari collection of pure Jamawar's (all over) & Palla Dar's (Kinari). Sozni is a popular needle point embroidery technique from Kashmir Valley in Northern India. It is mainly done on Pashm (Pashmina) signifying authentic luxury fabric, woven form the fine wool of Himalayan Mountain goats found in the upper reaches of Ladakh, 3000 meters above sea level. The highest grade Pashmina is handcrafted by carefully spinning and weaving it, using traditional looms, and is renowned for its softness, warmth and elegance.

This supremely fine Pashmina and the art of Sozan Kaari, extremely fine, delicate, artistic needle work is only practiced in Kashmir and has no parallels anywhere in the world. Kashmiri artisans have been practicing Sozni embroidery since almost 500 years. It origins can be traced back to 15 th century when Persian craftsmen migrated to the region and brought their expertise in embroidery with them. The term “Sozni” is derived for the Persian word “Suzan” meaning needle. Initially, it was used to embellish the shawls worm by the royalty and nobility of Kashmir but today this art is enjoyed by connoisseurs the world over.

The Process

The whole process of weaving raw Pashmina wool into a luxurious shawl is an art resulting from the labour of love and patience. The process begins with collecting of raw Pashmina braving the extreme cold climate of Leh Ladakh from the exotic Changthangi goat. The Changpa tribe herders collect the wool from the undercoat of the Changthangi goat, which they rear in the Changthangi region east of Leh. Each of these Himalayan Changthangi goat sheds about 150 gm of wool every winter. So making of an exquisite Pashmina shawl needs wool form 3-4 of these goats. After the Raw Material is collected the women in the weaver's family painstakingly clean and hand comb the delicate fibers to remove all impurities.

Then, the yarn is spun. The spinning of yarn is done entirely by hand and the finesse of the product is a result of the skill and dexterity of the spinner. Then we come to the dying of the shawl. Even that is done by hand to preserve the texture, shine and high quality of the product. After the process of dying and drying is complete, it goes to the artisan for embroidery who then gets to work his magic with the needle and thread called “Sozan Kaari”.

The whole process of spinning, weaving of raw Pashmina wool into Luxurious Pashmina Shawl is an act resulting from the labour of love and patience. The product which you get to see on our page is the unique culmination of months to years of painstaking labour and unwavering passion of generations. The standard size of ladies Shawl is 40” by 80”. The Standard Gents shawl size is 45” by 90”. Each piece is thus an heirloom completely Handcrafted from start to finish, steeped in age old Traditions.